We partook in a full park renovation. Everything is still changing in so many ways.
One of the first things we added was a place for the kids to play. It was important to us, as a family place, that kids had a place to run around, climb, or swing.
We made sure to pave all of our sites to level and flat. We also added drainage gravel to all the sites. Every site is not only completely level but extra-wide. Every space has full width to accommodate even the biggest rig. You can comfortably roll your slides out or put up your RV shade awning.
Recently, we upgraded the whole park wifi infrastructure giving you not only great WIFI speed but reliability as well.
We were able to modernize the laundry room, with new wall paint, and newer laundry units, that were now coin-operated. We believed since this was the standard, we could not leave credit-only washer/dryers for our guests.
The Restrooms now have coded entry pads for security and privacy, and access at all times. Along with newly cleaned up walkways and gated entrance to the clubhouse area.

We installed security lighting around the main areas of the park, to ensure you have a safe, comfortable stay. Especially if you decide to go for a late-night walk, you can rest assured visibility is key.
We have even made sure you can pay by both cash, or credit card, because being on the road is tough enough without having to make an ATM stop before you unwind.
New updates and improvements are continually being built upon every day. We are striving to be a place you can call “home” for a while.
Because we think of you as family,
we hope you think of us as family too.

Happy Trails RV Park and Campground looks forward to serving you and the RV camp community for many years to come!